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  • High quality gear for your child

    Children love playing outdoors and it is great to see them run around, explore and connect with nature. What’s that got to do with us? Well at KidsnToys, we stock high-quality toys and gear for kids from top international brands. We are based in Auckland and our trendy online store is a family-owned and 100% New Zealand operated business providing View Post
  • Top toy choices for toddlers

    With a glut of options on the market, choosing a few classic toys for your child is getting harder and harder. Focusing on educational toys is a powerful strategy, but they have to be fun as well. With this in mind, here are a few top suggestions for toys for any toddler. View Post
  • Blocks and stacking toys offer 3 important benefits for children

    Children love good quality toys that keep them both amused, stimulated and challenged in new ways.  View Post
  • Fun and colourful educational toys and books for your preschool child

    Young children love playing and learn through play. It is important to have well made educational toys that appeal to this age group. In this blog, we take a look at some of the best toys and books to make learning fun for your little one. Educational toys Educational toys like “The Very Hungry... View Post
  • The importance of toys and games for children

    Children learn best through play and interactions with family, friends and caregivers. What needs to be considered carefully when choosing suitable toys is the age of the child to ensure that the toys chosen are age appropriate to stimulate their senses and motivate them to learn. Choosing high quality toys is best as this ensures that the toys are designed well and are safe for your child. View Post