5 items to pack when taking children to the park

  • Jan 04, 2021
  • By Melinda Khoo

During the school holidays or on weekends, it is a great idea to spend time outdoors with the kids. Children just love to go to the park or playground and they can often spend a whole morning or afternoon exploring a new environment. As a parent, it is important to be prepared for these outings, whether it be a spur of the moment decision or a pre-planned trip.

Keeping the following 5 items readily on hand can make it easier and faster for you to leave the house.

1. Sun smart accessories

Packing a hat is essential to protect babies and kids from the sun. The great range of bucket and baseball style hats available from the Dozer, Toshi, Bedhead Hat, Millymook and the Little Renegade Company will look adorable on your little one and provide sun protection.

2. Wet weather gear

Do not let a little rain deter you from getting outside. Keep the kids dry with French Soda raincoats and rubber gumboots. Children also love holding an umbrella and All4Ella and Floss & Rock have a gorgeous range to choose from. Consider also packing a soft, warm beanie from the Little Renegade Company if the weather is cooler.

3. Food and drinks

Kids will invariably tell you they are hungry or thirsty, sometimes just moments after leaving the house! Take along a well-stocked bento style lunch box from Yumbox or Crocodile Creek. Don’t forget to take along a drink bottle too.

4. Riding

Kids love to be able to “zoom along” so consider packing something they can ride - whether it be a scooter, Kinderfeets balance bike or tricycle.

5. Backpack

Store your belongings in a Beatrix NY or Little Renegade Company backpack. These great backpacks are child-size, which means the kids can carry them too while still keeping their hands free.

Preparation is key to a hassle-free trip to the playground or park. These terrific accessories can all be found online at Kids n Toys. This family operated business in New Zealand has a huge range in stock and ready to ship to you! Place your order today.


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