After school activities made fun

  • Mar 01, 2021
  • By Melinda Khoo

Back to school can get a little hectic for parents (and kids!), which is why KidsnToys are here to help you find the perfect after school activity that will have them entertained for hours whilst having fun.

DIY – let’s get building!

The Learning Journey: Techno Gears Aero Trax

The Learning Journey: Techno Gears Aero Trax is an action-packed construction set made of 80 colourful pieces. This kit includes everything they need to build the perfect airplane including a moving propellor, moving gears and a power motor!

Educational focus: Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), which gives your pilot in the making the chance to show off a variety of skills. Age 6+.

Smart Lab: Crash Test Lab

This is another excellent toy that includes seat belts, roll bars, airbags, crumple zones, plus additional safety features to ensure Impact Jack is protected. This also allows kids to test the limits of crash testing and shows either a flashing green or red light; this indicates whether Jack has survived the crash without any hiccups or needs more protection next time.

Educational focus: Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM). Age 8+.

National Geographic: DaVinci Inventions Bombard

National Geographic: DaVinci Inventions Bombard (for kids 12+) offers them the opportunity to explore DaVinci’s workshop in real life by building an ancient canon! This wooden construction set will open their eyes to a whole new world of invention. The set comes with rubber bands, laser-cut wooden components, sandpaper and an easy-to-understand instruction manual. Ready, aim, FIRE!

Educational focus: science, technology, engineering and maths. Age 12+.

4M: Night Sky Kit – KidzLabs

This is an ‘out of this world’ game that will have your little astronomer lighting up the night like never before. A great educational toy, it includes projection domes of both southern and northern hemispheres so they can bring the galaxy to their bedrooms and gives them the inspiration to learn more about space. It comes with skydomes of southern and northern hemispheres (each containing a cover and a dome), 4 x dome supports, strips of adhesive tape, 1 lamp with switch and easy-to-understand instructions.

Educational focus: Science, technology, engineering and maths: Age 3+.

Image by 5712495 via Pixabay


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