Christmas gifts for arty kids

  • Nov 27, 2020
  • By Melinda Khoo

Art is one of the first forms of expression kids can learn, before writing or even speech, and your child’s love for crafts or colouring can reveal an early passion for the creative arts. This Christmas, let your little artist’s imagination flourish with a gift made for creativity.

Here at KidsnToys, we offer a large range of top quality art and crafting toys that are sure to be popular additions to the present pile under the tree. One of the best ways to encourage young imagination is to let creativity take over primary living spaces.

If bedrooms are looking a bit bare at the moment, you should look to add colour and fun on the walls to bring some cheer and inspiration to your child’s space. The playful Sprout & Sparrow A3 Art Prints make the perfect kid’s wall decor. They feature a variety of adorable designs, including a unicorn, rainbow, lion, giraffe and confetti heart.

Or you can transport them every night to the starry North Pole or to a faraway galaxy with the magical Glow Star Co glow in the dark stars and shapes. Kids can even create their own scenes and stories wherever they want with the Ooly reusable stickers, which come in Dragon Racetrack, Mermaid Magic and Princess Garden sets.

If paint and craft is your child’s favourite hobby, the 4M sets, like the 4M Craft: Mould & Paint range, are super fun arts and crafts projects for kids of all ages. Just remember to prepare a splatter zone for the 4M Craft: Spin Art Fun Creations Kit! For kids who love science as much as art, the 4M: STEAM Motorised Origami Bird combines both into one activity.

Other gifts perfect for any arty kid's letter to Santa Claus include our themed kids’ colouring books, like the Hinkler Kaleidoscope Colouring Kits, and the 21-piece Ooly ‘On the Go’ Stationery Set, which includes a notebook, postcards, stickers, and drawing tools.

Want to stick with timeless gifts this Christmas? The Classic World Toys: Blackboard/Whiteboard lets kids unleash their imaginations in any form possible through paint, chalk or felt tip pen.

Image by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay


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