Puzzles: Fab for child development

  • Apr 01, 2021
  • By Melinda Khoo

It’s no secret – puzzles are a parent and teacher favourite! It’s always a bonus when your child loves them too. Especially since you get a two-in-one: a toy that is lots of fun that also promotes your child’s development.

We’re not kidding, puzzles are an excellent learning tool that can help teach your child many essential life skills. So, without further ado, let’s look at a couple of them.

Physical skills

• Hand-eye coordination: your child learns to develop the connection between what they are seeing, what their hands are doing, and how their brain relates to this information.

• Motor skills: your child will be a whizz at typing and handwriting because of all the practice they had when moving their fingers to fit a puzzle piece precisely in the right spot.

Cognitive skills

• Memory: your child learns to remember the puzzle pieces that don’t fit certain shapes, and will leave them to the side until they need them.

• Shape recognition and sequencing: from simple shapes like squares, triangles and circles to more complex shapes, your child develops their understanding of shapes and what order to use them in – your child’s maths teacher will thank you! Shape recognition will also help your child recognise numbers and letters. For example, if there's writing on the puzzle, your child will remember what the shape of the letter ‘A’ looks like.

Emotional skills

• Patience and perseverance: your child must work patiently to see the completed jigsaw, learning how to deal with frustration when the puzzle pieces don’t fit, and the importance of trying again.

• Confidence and self-esteem: ‘I’ve done it!’ Music to both you and your child’s ears after they complete the puzzle. They’ll feel very pleased (don’t we all) upon solving the puzzle with all the messy and jumbled pieces perfectly lined up showing a beautiful picture.

If you’d like to keep your child entertained knowing that you’re also nurturing their development, check out our kids' puzzles at KidsnToys today. Feel free to browse all our creative range of toys and games while you’re there – your child will love them!

Image by HolgersFotografie via Pixabay


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