Toys to promote fine motor skills

  • Aug 22, 2021
  • By Melinda Khoo

Fine motor skills, like many areas of childhood development, is best learned through play. Learning to control the smaller muscles in the hands and fingers improves dexterity and is used for tasks like writing and art, construction, and self-care needs including fastening buttons and tying shoes. Simply offering a range of engaging activities that require actions such as threading, pinching, shape sorting, or stacking and balancing is the easiest way to give your child the opportunity to practise these skills.

Check out some of our favourite toys that help promote fine motor skills.
    Infant toys:

    Suitable for 6 months plus, the Ombee Cube is a fantastic addition to your toy box. As your child learns to rotate and place the shapes into the right slot, smaller muscles are being strengthened and trained. For other toys to suit infants, we also love Sensory Rollers and the classic ring stack toy, available in a beautiful wooden clown design.

    Wooden building blocks:

    The classic wooden building block offers endless opportunity to build, create, and practise balancing and stacking. Start with large, easy to grasp blocks such as our Hape Maple Blocks and move onto smaller and more detailed designs with a problem solving element such as Castle Logix as your child grows.


    Not only an early start to pattern recognition and problem-solving, the thumb and index pincer grip used to grasp and place puzzle pieces helps your child develop the muscles they will need to hold a pencil. We love the bright colours of the Hape Alphabet Peg Puzzle. For older children seeking a challenge, try the Floss & Rock puzzle tubs with a gradually increasing difficulty across 4 puzzles.

    Musical Instruments:

    Making some noise just got educational. From our Junior Percussion Set to the DJ Mix and Spin Studio your child can discover their inner maestro, while strengthening and refining their hand eye coordination as they shake, strum, press and strike the instruments.

    From the earliest weeks of grabbing at a dangling pram toy, to detailed art and construction in school, children can always benefit from the opportunity to practice and refine their fine motor skills, and Kids N Toys is here for you every step of the way.
    Image by katerinakucherenko via Pixabay


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