Green Toys

Green Toys

Green Toys is an eco-friendly toy company. They have an immense commitment to sustainability and playfulness and they aim to inspire others to share in their passion.

Their toys are made from 100% recycled materials in the USA, raising awareness about sustainability while delivering unquestionably safe products. 

They care about your kids – how they play, what they play with, and what the future holds and they are constantly exploring and innovating to deliver the best products possible for a playful planet for all.

Green Toys - Flatbed With R...

Gentlemen (and ladies) start your environmentally responsible engines! The Green Toys™ Flatbed Truck with Race Car is on the move. This sturdy blue truck hauls our sleek red hot rod on its back, and has...

Green Toys – Build-A-Bouquet

Talk about flower power! With the Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet, budding florists can create countless floral arrangements while saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, this...

Green Toys – Watering Can Set

Perfect for the garden, and also fun at the beach, the Green Toys Watering Can is a classic set that encourages kids to help take care of the world around them. Made in the USA...

Green Toys - Cupcake Set

Whip up a batch of sweet treats full of imagination with the Green Toys Cupcake Set! Little bakers can practice colours and counting, develop fine motor skills, and host make-believe parties for their stuffed animals...
Green Toys - Pink Race Car (6055015841992)
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Green Toys - Pink Race Car

Buckle up, because the Green Toys Pink Race Car is ready to roll! This sleek racer will tear up the track without harming the planet. This cool hot rod is better than any hybrid and...

Green Toys Dump Truck

Need help hauling a big load while helping save the planet? The Green Toys® Dump Truck is ready to get working. Made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers, this really is the most energy efficient...
Green Toys Shape Sorter Truck
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Green Toys Shape Sorter Truck

It’s the best of vehicle and developmental play with the Green Toys™ Shape Sorter Truck! This 6-piece set features the “Shape Management” truck, removable back bin, and 4 chunky, multi-colored shapes – a square, star,...

Green Toys Airplane

The Green Toys® Airplane is one aircraft Mother Nature is happy to clear for takeoff! Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, this single-seater...
Green Toys Paddle Boat
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Green Toys Paddle Boat

Ahoy! The Green Toys™ Paddle Boat is cruising the open waters. The perfect addition to any bathtub fleet, this companion to the best-selling Green Toys Tugboat and Submarine features the same easy-grasp handle and scoop-and-pour...

Green Toys Sea Copter

Water landings have the green light – the Green Toys­ Seacopter is ready to accept any eco-friendly rescue mission! Specially designed with stabilizing, oversized fill-and-spill pontoons to keep it steadily afloat, this amphibious flier is...

Green Toys Chef Set

This classic collection of kitchen essentials is made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled plastic milk containers. Guaranteed to produce hours of Good Green Fun! 5-Piece set includes: Stock Pot and Lid, Skillet, Ladle, and...

Green Toys Ambulance and Do...

The doctor is on the way! The Green Toys™ Ambulance & Doctor Kit comes with everything needed to play doctor, nurse, EMT – or all of the above! This 10-piece set encourages motor skill development,...
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