Hape: ABC Magnetic Letters (4805867798599)
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Hape: ABC Magnetic Letters

Recognizing and memorizing the alphabet will be fun and enjoyable with these different coloured magnetic letters from Hape. Your children will enhance hand and eye coordination when matching the upper and lower case letters while reciting...
Hape Beach Basics Set
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Hape Beach Basics Set

A pail, shovel, rake, and strainer. Just add sand for a perfect day at the beach! 4 Piece Set Suitable Ages 18 Months+
Hape Build Up and Away Blocks (6053692014792)
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Hape Build Up and Away Blocks

These sturdy blocks will inspire hours of play and generations of builders! Your child will be able to create a bright colorful world with this building block set! With 100 building blocks, this set  promotes...

Hape World Map Puzzle

Remove the sturdy pieces to learn the world. The outstanding symbols make for very  fun learning. Recommended for ages 3y+ Product Dimensions: 460 x 320 x 30mm"
Hape Clown Stacker - KidsnToysNZ
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Hape Clown Stacker

This funny-face clown gently rocks, easily stacks, and always makes kids smile. Encourage stacking the rings from biggest to smallest, then try from smallest to biggest. Recommended Age: 12M+ 
Hape Cliffhanger (6053688541384)
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Hape Cliffhanger

Get closer to the Quadrilla action with three gutters that make your marbles race around the outside of the colored blocks on their way to the bottom. Looks cool and extends run-time. STEM Pieces: 94...

Hape: Junior Percussion Set

Enjoy watching your child bang out a steady rhythm with this three-piece percussion set! Includes a tambourine, a maraca and a clapper. Suitable Age: 12+ Months

Hape DJ Mix and Spin Studio

Help your little ones spin their first tunes with this portable DJ studio! Play the keyboard solo with one of four instrument sounds or 18 fun sound effects or you can start one of five...
Hape Race to the Finish (6013081026760)
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Hape Race to the Finish

Get started building your own marble runs with this Quadrilla beginner’s set. Drop two marbles into the top and watch as they race down different paths to the bottom. STEM Contains 58 pieces Recommended age:...

Hape Butterfly Links

This pretty butterfly is a fun way for babies to entertain themselves as they practice their gripping and holding! Easy to attach to a crib or stroller, the butterfly's wings are made from silicone and...

Hape: Alphabet Abacus

This double-sided abacus gives the ABC's a playful twist with letters as well as pictures. Have your child find the letters in his or her name. Help them practice letters and sounds by saying them...

Hape Alphabet & Animal Para...

Beautifully crafted 26-piece, wooden puzzle with wild animals on one side and the alphabet on the other. Puzzle stands upright on the table. Recommended Ages 3 years+

Hape Smoothie Blender

Healthy smoothies are a delicious way to eat your fruit and vegetables! Make your own play smoothies with this cool blender set that comes with two cups and includes fruits and baby spinach pieces. Recommended...
Hape Playground Pizzaz (6053687034056)
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Hape Playground Pizzaz

Over, under, around and through. Wooden beads, rings and winding paths create endless ways to play. Product Features: A cute little playground inspired maze Encourages problem solving and logic development Helps kids to start &...

Hape Fire Rescue Team

Make way, make way! Here comes the fire engine on its way to a blaze! Put up the ladder so the fire fighter and his dog can fight the flames and save the day. Use...

Hape: Geometric Rattle Trio

The softly-coloured Geometric Rattle Trio are expertly designed to fit snuggly into little hands, and will aid your child’s hand-eye coordination skills when shaken and played with. Made from rice-based materials. Recommended Age: Newborn+
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