Hape: Junior Percussion Set

$30.36 $37.95
Enjoy watching your child bang out a steady rhythm with this three-piece percussion set! Includes a tambourine, a maraca and a clapper. Suitable Age: 12+ Months

Hape: Rainbow Xylophone

$30.36 $37.95
Introduce your child to new sounds and colours with this bright xylophone! Each coloured bar plays a different sound when struck by the sticks.  Suitable Age: 12+ Months

Hape DJ Mix and Spin Studio

$56.96 $71.20
Help your little ones spin their first tunes with this portable DJ studio! Play the keyboard solo with one of four instrument sounds or 18 fun sound effects or you can start one of five...

B. Parum Pum Pum

$65.14 $93.05
The Parum Pum Pum drum kit turns your child’s musical talents into a critter celebration! This buggy instrument set includes an ant jingle bell, a caterpillar tambourine, a bumblebee maraca, and more – the whole...
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