Orange Toys: Pierre The Dog (4810348068935)
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Orange Toys: Pierre The Dog

Meet Pierre the Dog. Every day is a premiere of the Pierre the Dog’s one dog show. He is the director, the writer, and the audience on the play that is based on his life....
Orange Toys: Kissy the Puppy (4810336763975)
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Orange Toys: Kissy the Puppy

Meet Kissy the Puppy. She is absolutely adorable, kind, and a little bit naïve. She takes everything literally. If someone says, “take your time”, she wants to know where and how she can take that time....

Orange Toys: Andrew the Bas...

Meet Andrew the Basset. Even though he is of the English origin, Andrew the Basset considers himself a bit of French. In his dreams, he often enjoys a nice cup of coffee with a delicious...

Orange Toys: Hans the Rat 25cm

Way too cute to ignore! Meet Hans the Rat - he is 25cm tall!
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